Why and what for?

It's very easy to work in foreign countries and regions when you are part of a large multinational company. You can fall back on the existing network, your contact persons are on location and you are always in touch with your clients back home. - Virtually two locations and markets are covered simultaneously.

To travel the world and work as a freelance individualist has been much more difficult so far. You have to establish all the local contacts on your own which involves both time and money. At the same time, contacts to home (where the income sources are located) have to be maintained. In the meantime you can check your e-mails in a cosy café or bar with WLAN almost everywhere in the world, but in our opinion you need plenty more to be able to work properly.

BCN supplies a platform for these freelance working individuals which has only been available to employees of large international companies up to now.

Of course it's exciting and important to explore new situations and this provides the attraction of foreign countries, but it doesn't necessarily mean being bothered with uninteresting matters, for example: where is the nearest post office and what are the opening hours, where can I buy new batteries for my camera, or even an inexpensive desk to work on; or why should I have a ridiculously high mobile phone bill when most of the messages reach me too late or not at all...

Tasks that already take up much too much time and are of no interest at home either!


Can I also work absolutely anonymously at BCN?

Yes! It goes without saying that everyone can work anonymously at BCN!

Everyone makes their own decision regarding what information they put at the disposal of the network. Whether they make their name or merely their user name, contact information (e-mail, telephone, address of their "office"...) or a link to their website in the BCN network visible, or don't make anything visible is left to the respective user.

Only nationality or place of residence and profession of the tenants - without private personal data - are visible. This supplies every tenant with a rough idea of the respective office mix.

However: the more information every individual supplies the network with, the more productive and effective it will become. And in the long run this will benefit the individuals.


Why do I need my ID-card / passport for check-in ?

Many BCN members bring not only their own laptop computers and other equipment with them, but often also bring personal documents and papers. It is part of BCNs service to protect these.

Furthermore BCN furnishes expensive equipment that needs to be functional at all times. Therefore it is beneficial to the security of all involved to know exactly who has access to the premises. Our customers private details are kept strictly confidential.


When do I receive my contact data?

Immediately! We send you your digital BCN business card as soon as the booking is completed. It includes the following information: name, office address, telephone and fax number as well as the period of time during which you can be reached there.


No Credit Card? Any other payment methods?

Yes. If you don't have a credit card you can still make you booking online as usual. You will receive an email containing our banking details. If we don't receive your money transfer within 14 days of booking, your reservation will be cancelled.


Are BCN-costs deductable?

Yes of course; the BCN-invoice can be booked as working expenses!



A deposit is required for any keys received from BCN. On return of the keys your deposit will be refunded.


What do I get for my money ?

Every member is provided with
- working desk
- lockable desk drawers
- cordless telephone

Every member also has access to:
- broadband internet access & wireless network
- fax machine
- printer
- computer scanner

All national telephone and fax calls are free of charge. International numbers, all mobile phone numbers and all premium rate telephone numbers can only be dialed via internet telephone. Every client must set up his own account - we can help you where necessary. Consequently you can take your telephone number with you.

We recommend Skype, conditions are listed under:

Furthermore our office amenities include a restroom (with toilet & shower), lounge area, boxing bag and fully equipped kitchen.


Can I rent a computer from BCN ?

No. Most people that combine work and travel prefer using their own computers, because laptop computers have become much more than just ordinary office equipment.

Due to increasing inquiries for rentable computer monitors, we are currently considering to offer this service in the near future.


Are there any conference facilities ?

Yes. A conference room in a neighbouring office can be rented by the hour. In our experience however conference facilities are seldomly required when traveling, because usually such meetings take place beforehand at customers offices.

Nevertheless we want to enable BCN members to hold conferences and meetings within the premises – therefore we have choosen this solution.


Can I also work at BCN off opening hours?

Yes! If a project makes it necessary we will give you a key - after prior consultation. For safety reasons we have had fixed opening hours up until now. BCN staff is present during opening hours. However if more and more members need 24 hour access to the premises, we will change this regulation.


Can I extend my booking ?

Yes. You can extend your booking at any time as long as space is available.


Can I cancel or change my booking?

Yes, you can change or cancel your booking. If you change or cancel your booking less than 1 week prior to the start of your contract, you will only receive a 50% refund of your booking fees, unless we can rebook your slot immediately without incurring any losses. You can check online wether your slot can be rebooked. Should this be the case, you will automatically receive a 100% refund of your booking fees.


In order to guard against misunderstandings - we are not babysitters!

Even though you can find answers to the most important questions here, these are given as general information only – without any legal obligation. The scope of services and the legal rights and obligations of all parties are contained in our general terms and conditions of business.

Why and what for?
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