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Goa is most known around the world by the trance music than anything else. However, this is just the beginning of an unexpected passion to the other things... The smallest state in India is all about nature. Nice beaches and vibrant greenery makes the environment perfect during all year, for different purposes.

From October 'till April, the season time, Goa gathers people from all over the world (mostly 6-monthers and travelers), so it's possible to know a bit of lots of different cultures. It's time to enjoy the parties, the beautiful people, sun everyday, make great contacts and also work, in a calm and cool place.

From May till September is the Monsoon time, good for the ones who prefer just to be inspired by the nature and have time to one's own personal projects. With the rain, nature becomes even greener and wilder, the tourists are gone, the beaches are empty and besides work, it's the perfect moment to absorb more of the Indian culture and maybe enjoy some innerself journey . Good time for yoga, meditation, personal learning... A lot to offer for the ones tired of the big cities or the ones who wants to chill the mind.


Once Goa was colonized by Portuguese, the architecture of the durable constructions were preserved, and our office is like this. Antique style, very ample rooms, high ceiling, airy and with a big, green and comfortable garden, where we usually have our meals, take a nap at a hammock and throw some (of our) parties. Inside, we have two bedrooms, four toilets, two working spaces, meeting room, and a big kitchen with what's needed.

As extentions of the office, we have three more houses that are used by our employees and guests, right on the beach, and also in more quiet and isolate place. The most common kind of transportation in Goa is the scooter, and it's possible to rent one for a very reasonable price. It's perfect for here. There's not traffic, the weather is hot but windy and the landscape is too beautiful to be seen inside a car.

Deep Inside

Of course there are lots of places in the world which will bring you great experiences. There are also real reasons to choose here or there.

But, in the case of India it's different. After spending some time here, we start to feel chosen by the country and not the “country chooser”. It''s true that this place is not to all kind of people. Is not just beautiful, or colorful, or messy, or different, or even spiritual. India is a duality, you can see in each person, in each act, and this brings you a huge amount of questions and doubts, that can be answered at the same place.

There is too much to absorb from the Hindustani culture, and to be in Goa is a good way to learn it, but in a western friendly enviroment. By this time you will think, work, dream, question yourself in a brand new way: the most antique and sage one.