Why work alone at home? Work where others go on vacation!

Your office, your rent and both on different continents!

International network made up of people who work individually. Interface between local and international networks. Relationships that exist on the Internet can be extended to the physical world. A network of real people and real locations connected through the internet.

The more independent and mobile the individual becomes, the more important communication and personal contact to people with similar outlook become.



- international people
- not tourists
- you are your own boss
- self-determined work / own activities.
- you decide where, when, and with whom you want to do something
- no regulations

... up till now they’ve been on the road with a laptop under their arm. Numerous offices, agencies and entire sectors live from them, but they are branded as "freaks". – When these people get together and organise themselves they will make things happen and become a truly new kind of BUSINESS CLASS! According to their rules - without rules!

BCN is mainly about communication and connections. You are indeed in a foreign city, but you can fall back on an existing network and don’t have to start from scratch and find everything anew. The basic infrastructure, technological as well as personal is ensured. You have an address from where you can discover the new city and also find new clients.

On the other hand, contact with home is not ruptured at any time and you are so to speak still "on location at home".


Why and what for?

It's very easy to work in foreign countries and regions when you are part of a large multinational company. You can fall back on the existing network, your contact persons are on location and you are always in touch with your clients back home. – Virtually two locations and markets are covered simultaneously.

To travel the world and work as a freelance individualist has been much more difficult so far. You have to establish all the local contacts on your own which involves both time and money. At the same time, contacts to home (where the income sources are located) have to be maintained. In the meantime you can check your e-mails in a cosy café or bar with WLAN almost everywhere in the world, but in our opinion you need plenty more to be able to work properly.

BCN supplies a platform for these freelance working individuals which has only been available to employees of large international companies up to now.

Of course it's exciting and important to explore new situations and this provides the attraction of foreign countries, but it doesn't necessarily mean being bothered with uninteresting matters, for example: where is the nearest post office and what are the opening hours, where can I buy new batteries for my camera, or even an inexpensive desk to work on; or why should I have a ridiculously high mobile phone bill when most of the messages reach me too late or not at all...

Tasks that already take up much too much time and are of no interest at home either!


plug and play office

You can make use of a postal address, telephone, answering machine, fax, and workstation etc...from the moment rental begins. The comprehensive use of the entire network is immediately available. You have "arrived" on location ( you don't have to worry about the cleaning lady or paper for the printer, you know where to find the post office and the next club...).

All contact data (digital business card) will be immediately transferred upon your booking, so that business partners and friends can be given this information beforehand. This ensures that gaps in accessibility do not arise.

- no contracts (telephone, rent, electricity, sewage fees...)
- no certificates or proof of any kind (work, income, language etc...)
- no humiliating talks with the landlord
- no long-term obligations
- equal status for all BCN members
- everyone is a member / everyone is a foreigner! - EQUALITY



BCNs are located in authentic architectural sites in the heart of the city, and are not just touristic destinations.

The buildings have an architectural character and their own personal style. They are not sterile glass cases! BCN keeps in touch and is integrated in the respective neighbourhood.

The people here deliberately live and work in their city, however they are also interested in establishing new contacts.


Stepping stone – Global cities

- checking out the situation.
- ground base from which to build up or expand a location.
- go there and start. Plug and Play Office.
- simply be there and take in the city and its drive and let it sink into oneself and one's work.
- meet people in the same situation, help each other out, possibly start all over again together.
- test run for example China or India: everyone wants to be there to experience the rapid changes and help shape the future.
- but you can't even read the street signs there.
- BCN offers an efficient workstation in 'exotic' cities and insiders who know the answers.
- work and experience new and truly uncharted territory.


Hermit – surreal / exotic regions

- leave everything you are familiar with behind you, why not spend two months working in the seclusion of the Himalayas?
- cut down to your work and yourself
- BCN offers an efficient workstation and contact persons in "exotic" regions.
- enjoy freedom barefoot and work in the 21st century with your PC



BCN is mainly about communication and connections. You are indeed in a foreign city, but you can fall back on an existing network and do not have to start from scratch and find everything anew.

You use an existing network and simultaneously become a new intersection.
The personal milieu of the individual enlarges the network. As in the Internet, the idea is to generate a pool of information from individual experiences and make it available to everyone; BCN simply brings this back to personal level.

We offer contacts, information, answers and solutions to your questions and problems. We are looking forward to new versatile and interested parties and the exchange of ideas.

- fall back on an existent network
- contacts on location
- introduce new contacts
- meet people in similar situations
- help and support each other



- Possibilities for the individualist - not for big money
- Work can be mobile for everyone.
- Internationalisation as personal development
- Ideas must be exchanged
- Sound out and amend opinions amongst strangers
- Independently wander the world as an individualist, however have a network which is generally only available to employees of large international companies or embassies.
- Be on the road and yet be able to work full out. Be able to work on location and yet keep in constant contact with home (the clients).
- Flexibility is more important than ever and reveals new lifestyles.
- However, an individualist lacks the infrastructure as well as the necessary know how, know where, know anything... and usually the time and the money to be able to find it all out all by himself.


Reclaim your city / Reclaim our world

You enjoy living in your city and would like to have your own office in an attractive lively neighbourhood that is off the beaten track and not commercially "optimised". Or you have such an office and want to share the cost of the constantly increasing rent with others.

Then join the network and open your own international BCN-port in your city.

- The building's architecture is interesting, it has its own history and its own style. It's authentic, belongs to its neighbourhood.
- You work freelance, are interested in international contacts, and deliberately live in your city. Maybe you want to meet interesting new people.
- You open a BCN office in your locations.
- You make your own personal network available and profit from new international contacts.
- You become the contact point for people from all over the world.

With your own BCN-port you can not only furnish your own office based on the most modern technical standards, but also achieve a regular income.


Drop out

You have finally found your "own" very special place off the beaten track and want to drop out. However the jobs are usually at home, and you want to keep up international contacts personally. So, you get the interesting people to come to you, off the beaten track but in constant contact with the freaks in the global cities. The zeitgeist comes to you! Drop out, but still in the thick of it, you have a modern office, and you can enjoy your freedom at the end of the world, yet you can keep in touch.

Then join the network and open your own international BCN-port at the end of the world.

- You become the contact point for people from all over the world.
- We organise the marketing and rental of your workstations and take care of the entire financial transaction.
- You provide the location and the equipment – we provide the people and the contacts.
- Your work and your lifestyle profit. Furthermore, you earn your living with something meaningful that also helps others.

Your office will be the interface between you and the rest of the world! An international meeting point for people and ideas - new contacts and co-operations, business ideas and friendship, maybe even a different kind of "Business Class"!

Be on the road and yet be able to work full out. ...
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