Open your own BCN-Port

BCN-Port operators profit from a global network of freelance experts and their customers. BCN-Ports offer the infrastructure necessary to wind up contracts or the work of project teams – on location – and worldwide. Every BCN-Port is a gateway to the world for its city: this is where international creative workers expand their network, establish new relations and realise their ideas. A BCN-Port is a real interface and offers workstations incl. infrastructure.

By opening their own BCN-Port, its operators can equip their offices according to the latest technical standards and also acquire a fixed monthly income.


Our Members – Your Clients

We are our own clients! BCN is always in touch with its members. This means that all the offers and actions reach all its members - your clients - 100%! The members constantly exchange offers as well as demand, know-how and ideas. New work groups develop continuously. Teams are created especially for innovative projects and new business relations are established. BCN members can use the advantages of globalisation and free, flexible worldwide work conditions – in a BCN-Port.


The worldwide situation

The goal of TheBusinessClass.Net is to establish a worldwide operating network. Not only in the global cities of the western world – where everything has been happening up to now, but also real, global – in the markets of the future!

We feel that it is not right to exclude a person who lives in Nepal or Egypt for instance from BCN because of the country's national economy or the exchange rate of the national currency. Nobody should have to raise a credit with an international bank. On the contrary, anyone who wants to open a BCN-Port should be able to do so. This is why all the furnishings are conceived in such a way as to ensure that they can be produced worldwide – on location - at a minimum cost.

Even in "western cultures" fewer and fewer young people can afford an office in a central location. The best is to share the continuously increasing rent with friends. Or to look for other people and enter an "office relationship". According to our experience, this seldom works.

The alternative: TheBusinessClass.Net, your own office and become a BCN international network node – in your own city –.


Franchise vs. Fairness

In standard franchise systems you have to purchase a licence from the franchiser first and in advance. The duration of franchise contracts is normally at least 5 years. An eternity in today's digital world! Which computer or cell phone did you have 5 years ago? What will you be doing 5 years from now?
-Turn off the Sound! ;-)

In addition, one has to draw the entire furnishing from the franchiser and take part in mandatory schoolings. Furthermore current fixed costs that include licence or marketing expenses as well as a specific percentage of the profit must also be paid to the franchiser!


No Franchise!

This means that you can only get into business if you already have money - which means that it isn't suitable for young people, or people who come from low-income countries.

Sole exception: you go to a bank. But who can live freely with bank debts? Welcome to servitude! Moreover, the principle that "money is only there for those who already have it" still applies!

BCN gives people the possibility to start their own, independent life without losing their "freedom".


Our BCN concept: Fairchise!

BCN is an international network of freelancers. The larger the network is, the more the individual Port-operator and every single member will profit. Every new BCN-Port gives our members - our capital – new contacts and new possibilities. This is why we want to establish a fair and friendly partnership in the sense of a fair-chise with all Port-operators.


Fairchise for your BCN-Port

This is what "Fairchise" signifies to us:

- No licence fees = funding of the franchiser
- No schoolings and relevant fees
- No furnishings or objects that have to be purchased from the franchiser
- No fixed monthly dues (licence, use, marketing etc.)
- Short contract length (2 year contracts)
- Quick realisation is possible (you can open your own BCN-Port within 4 weeks)
- Uncomplicated office approval
- Regional advertising support
- Immediate update - after delivery - of the BCN-Link List and Surrounding Data on the Internet presence.


Start Your Own Business

In general, everyone can manage a BCN-Port. BCN-Ports mainly specify certain standards to ensure that our members come across the same working conditions worldwide. As a result of our "Fairchise"philosophy we reserve the right to decide whom we admit into the network as Port-operator. Several conversations and a personal meeting are prerequisite.

One cannot buy oneself into TheBusinessClass.Net!

The BCN-licence can ONLY be issued after the premises have been viewed.


The location – right in the middle or far away

Two types of locations are especially lucrative and especially interesting for BCN-members:

Firstly cities, to work for the client directly on location, or to establish new business contacts.
Secondly "exotic" locations to be able to withdraw, relax or to work very intensely. Some like it very secluded ;-)


Requirements for the premises

BCN does not have open-plan offices with "work-cubes"!

Based on our experience, the ideal BCN-Port consists of a combination of workrooms for ten people and a few smaller offices. In addition, a kitchen gives the members the possibility to make themselves a cup of coffee, tea, snacks etc. You don't go to a café for every drink or sandwich at home either!

Every BCN-Port can have different office surfaces or divisions. The minimum size of a BCN-Port is approximately ten workstations – otherwise it becomes too "cozy".

The building in which the BCN-Ports are located ought to have their own profile and tradition. Nobody wants to work in a uniform insignificant box! The character of every BCN-Port will reflect the atmosphere of the respective city (Barcelona, Berlin, Cape Town, Cairo or Kathmandu…). In addition the surroundings, the people and the local network will shape the uniqueness of every individual BCN-Port.


Terms – Work space

Tables and lamps follow an ergonomic concept to simplify working. The design developed by NeubauBerlin enables the elements to be built worldwide and inexpensively on location. The use of the design is free of charge for every BCN-Port operator!


Terms – Technical requirements

Every BCN-member worldwide expects plug and play. The technical equipment is the umbilical cord to all business and private contacts. A functional BCN-Standard was developed to ensure this at all times.

The technical standard (LAN, WLAN, telephone, fax, scanner, printer, network, electricity etc.) must be guaranteed and must be adapted at regular intervals to meet the highest possible standard available in the respective country/city. Standard and time intervals are specified by TheBusinessClass.Net and must be complied with.

The BCN-work area is standardised to ensure easier handling and greater work efficiency and is identical in every BCN-Port. Every location has the same technical standard. This guarantees the professional quality our members expect.


Terms – Investments

New Port-operators invest in furnishings as well as in technical equipment and possibly in the conversion of the premises. This does not entail licence fees! All the purchases always remain the property of the Port-operator. All the objects can be sold at the end of the contract period.

This minimises the risk for new Port-operators!

TheBusinessClass.Net does not earn any money on the setting up of a BCN-Port. This means that everybody can be sure that we do not receive any percentage from manufacturers. BCN is not interested in creating unnecessary costs for the Port-operators.


Catalogue of International Performance

TheBusinessClass.Net is a registered trademark. It can only be used worldwide by us and our "Fairchise" partners.

How BCN assists its partners in the set-up and operation of the BCN-Port:

- Business start-up: Planning, furnishing and funding etc.advice
- Marketing advice: Organisation, establishing contacts etc. in the daily course of business
- Current business management advice
- All bookings - worldwide
- Central accountancy
- Central data collection and processing
- Credit card processing + credit acceptance check
- Entire processing monetary transactions = Accounting
- International dunning
- Full provision of samples of all the BCN business papers: writing paper, fonts/signs, business cards, flyers as well as postcards
- Regional and international advertising and public relations measures
- Supply of sales promotion and advertising adds

BCN takes care of the entire customer handling for its Port-operators!

You don't need any web design, programming, and marketing or design knowledge to run your own BCN-Port – we provide it all. You only need a computer to keep track of when and who is booked into your BCN-Port!

Modern and comprehensive presence of your BCN-Port in the BCN-Internet portal

How BCN assists its partners in marketing and presentation:

- Multilingual website of your BCN-Port in German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish (further languages are planned)
- Online calendar for your BCN-Port
- Online booking tool for your BCN-Port
- Online city map of your BCN-Port


International sales promotion and PR-events

How BCN supports its partners with sales promotion and public relations events:

- Advertisement and PR on the Internet for your BCN-Port (guerrilla and viral marketing)
- Advertisement and PR events through the local media in global cities: London, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Beijing, Sydney, Amsterdam …
- Current presentations at international conventions, congresses etc.
- Special sales promotion and public relation events at the opening

Accounted for the entire Catalogue of International Performance including all marketing and advertisement measures TheBusinessClass.Net 15% of the amount actually earned during the first contract period. If the contract is extended, TheBusinessClass.Net will charge 13%.

The particular highlight: managing a BCN-Port

TheBusinessClass.Net is a digital and real network. Digital and real connections between very diverse people are decisive!

A Port manager ought to be interested in what is going on in the world of today, and in particular the people in it. Because a BCN-Port isn’t simply a new kind of "work hostel", it's a network of individualists for individualists!
Managing a BCN-Port means being a contact person for all BCN members and solving different kinds of tasks – on location. Furthermore, a Port operator also acts as an active go-between for ideas, plans and projects. Ideally, the Port manager connects the local urban network to the international network of TheBusinessClass.Net

Interested in opening a BCN-Port?

Open your own BCN-Port ...
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